I.  Agency’s Mandate, Vision, Mission and List of Officials


We derive our Mandate primarily from Republic Act 6234 which states the basic goals of the System and declares as its major policy the proper operation and maintenance of waterworks system to ensure an uninterrupted and adequate supply and distribution of potable water for domestic and other purposes and the proper operation and maintenance of sewerage systems in its service area which includes the whole of Metro Manila and parts of Cavite and Rizal.


By 2020, MWSS shall have achieved a sustainable water security infrastructure and framework for Metro Manila and its other coverage areas.


For Metro-Manila and its neighboring towns:

  • Protect, secure, optimize and expand our water sources, their watersheds and infrastructure
  • Provide equitable access to clean, potable and affordable water
  • Aggressively increase the coverage of sewerage disposal system
  • Ensure prudence and efficiency in the implementation of all our plans, including those we accomplish through our agent concessionaires, and in doing so, deliver affordable water tariffs that will support the long term water security program for Metro manila and all covered areas.

For our Employees:

  • Inculcate respect in the meaningful roles and contributions as part of nation building to the inter-generational legacies being pursued by the Corporation

List of Officials:

a. Board of Trustees:

  1. Gerardo A.I. Esquivel                   – Administrator and Acting Chairman
  2. Emmanuel L. Caparas                 – Member
  3. Ma. Cecilia G. Soriano, Ph.D.      – Member
  4. Benjamin J. Yambao                    – Member
  5. Helena Agnes S. Valderrama       – Member
  6. Fr. Jose Ramon T. Villarin, SJ      – Member
  7. Olivia La’O Castillo                       – Member
  8. GCC Ireneo M. Galicia                 – Ex-Officio Member

b. Officers:

  1. Nathaniel C. Santos                     – Senior Deputy Administrator
  2. Leonor C. Cleofas                        – DA for Engineering
  3. Zoilo L. Andin, Jr.                         – DA for Finance and Administration
  4. Darlina T. Uy                                – Manager, Legal Department
  5. Vicente Elefante                           – Manager, Property Mgt. Dept.
  6. Ronald S. Abrigo                          – Manager, Corplan Department
  7. Florendo B. Batasin, Jr.                – Manager, AGSD
  8. Jocelyn M. Toledo                         – Acting Manager, Finance Dept.

II. Annual Financial Reports

B. For GOCC: 2013-2016 Annual Reports

Annual Report 2016 (Submitted to COA for Approval)

  1. Unaudited Report (as of 30 September 2016)

Annual Audited Report 2015

  1. MWSS2015_Transmittal_Letters
  2. MWSS2015_Cover
  3. MWSS2015_Executive_Summary
  4. MWSS2015_Table_of_Contents
  5. MWSS2015_Flyleaves
  6. MWSS2015_Part1-Auditor’s_Report
  7. MWSS2015_Part1-Mgmt_Responsibility_for_FS
  8. MWSS2015_Part1-FS
  9. MWSS2015_Part1-Notes_to_FS
  10. MWSS2015_Part2-Comments_and_Observations
  11. MWSS2015_Part3-Status_of_PY’s_Recomm

Annual Audited Report 2014

  1. MWSS2014_Executive_Summary
  2. MWSS2014_Independent_Auditor’s_Report
  3. MWSS2014_Mgt_Responsibility_for_FS
  4. MWSS2014_FS_Cash_Flow
  5. MWSS2014_FS_Changes_in_Equity
  6. MWSS2014_FS_Comprehensive_Income
  7. MWSS2014_FS_Financial_Position
  8. MWSS2014_Notes_to_FS
  9. MWSS2014_Observations_and_Recommendations
  10. MWSS2014_Status_of_PY’s_Recommendations

Annual Audited Report 2013;

  1. MWSS2013_Transmittal_Letter
  2. MWSS2013_Cover
  3. MWSS2013_Executive_Summary
  4. MWSS2013_Table_of_Contents
  5. MWSS2013_Part1-Auditor’s_Opinion
  6. MWSS2013_Part1-Mgt_Responsibility_for_FS
  7. MWSS2013_Part1-FS
  8. MWSS2013_Part1-Notes_to_FS
  9. MWSS2013_Part2-Observations_and_Recommendations
  10. MWSS2013_Part3-Status_of_PY’s_Recommendations

III. DBM Approved Budget and Targets (for 2016)

IV. Projects, Programs and Activities, Beneficiaries, and Status of Implementation

V. Annual Procurement Plan 2016

VI. QMS ISO Certification for at least one core process by any international certifying body approved by the IATF or ISO-aligned QMS documents

VII. System of Ranking Delivery Units


Guidelines on System of Rating and Ranking System

ISO Certification or ISO-aligned QMS Documentation

Financial Statement (COA-FS)

Report on Aging of Cash Advance Liquidation

2016 Annual Procurement Plan (APP)

2015 Agency Procurement Compliance and Performance Indicators (APCPI) Self-Assessment

Philippine Government Electronic Procurement System (PhilGEPS)