For AO 25 IATF Requirements

Code Of Corporate Governance For GOCCs


SEC. 43. Mandatory Website. – In accordance with Section 25 of the Act, all GOCCs shall maintain a website and post therein for unrestricted public access:

43.1. On Institutional Matters:

(a)  MWSS Charter; (b)  For Nonchartered GOCCs, latest General Information Sheet (GIS) and brief company background including date of incorporation, history, functions and mandate;      *Not Applicable (c)  List of Subsidiaries and Affiliates; and     *Not Applicable (d)  Government Corporation Information Sheet (GCIS) for 2016;  Government Corporation Information Sheet (GCIS) as mandated by the GCG in its Memorandum Circular No. 2012-01.

43.2. On the Board and Officers:

(a)  Annex 14(43.2a) BOT names and Officials; BOT Resume:

  1. Gerardo A.I. Esquivel                   – Administrator and Acting Chairman
  2. Emmanuel L. Caparas                 – Member
  3. Ma. Cecilia G. Soriano, Ph.D.      – Member
  4. Benjamin J. Yambao                    – Member
  5. Helena Agnes S. Valderrama       – Member
  6. Fr. Jose Ramon T. Villarin, SJ      – Member
  7. Olivia La’O Castillo                       – Member
  8. GCC Raoul C. Creencia               – Ex-Officio Member (resigned as of 10/6/2015)
  9. GCC Ireneo M. Galicia                 – Ex-Officio Member (effective 10/7/2015)

Officers Resume:

  1. Nathaniel C. Santos                     – Senior Deputy Administrator
  2. Leonor C. Cleofas                        – DA for Engineering
  3. Zoilo L. Andin, Jr.                         – DA for Finance and Administration
  4. Darlina T. Uy                                – Manager, Legal Department
  5. Vicente Elefante                           – Manager, Property Mgt. Dept.
  6. Ronald S. Abrigo                          – Manager, Corplan Department
  7. Florendo B. Batasin, Jr.                – Manager, AGSD
  8. Jocelyn M. Toledo                         – Acting Manager, Finance Dept.

MWSS BOT and Top Officials 2015 Contact Information

(b)  Annex 14(43.2b) BOT compensation

(c)  Annex 14(43.2c) info on Board Committee; Reconstitute the following Committees of the Board (d)  Annex 14(43.2d) BOT attendance record Attendance per Committee Meeting:



43.3. On Financial and Operational Matters:

(a)  for 2016

Financial Statement:

Annual Audited Report 2015

  1. MWSS2015_Transmittal_Letters
  2. MWSS2015_Cover
  3. MWSS2015_Executive_Summary
  4. MWSS2015_Table_of_Contents
  5. MWSS2015_Flyleaves
  6. MWSS2015_Part1-Auditor’s_Report
  7. MWSS2015_Part1-Mgmt_Responsibility_for_FS
  8. MWSS2015_Part1-FS
  9. MWSS2015_Part1-Notes_to_FS
  10. MWSS2015_Part2-Comments_and_Observations
  11. MWSS2015_Part3-Status_of_PY’s_Recomm

Annual Audited Report 2014

  1. MWSS2014_Executive_Summary
  2. MWSS2014_Independent_Auditor’s_Report
  3. MWSS2014_Mgt_Responsibility_for_FS
  4. MWSS2014_FS_Cash_Flow
  5. MWSS2014_FS_Changes_in_Equity
  6. MWSS2014_FS_Comprehensive_Income
  7. MWSS2014_FS_Financial_Position
  8. MWSS2014_Notes_to_FS
  9. MWSS2014_Observations_and_Recommendations
  10. MWSS2014_Status_of_PY’s_Recommendations

Annual Audited Report 2013;

  1. MWSS2013_Transmittal_Letter
  2. MWSS2013_Cover
  3. MWSS2013_Executive_Summary
  4. MWSS2013_Table_of_Contents
  5. MWSS2013_Part1-Auditor’s_Opinion
  6. MWSS2013_Part1-Mgt_Responsibility_for_FS
  7. MWSS2013_Part1-FS
  8. MWSS2013_Part1-Notes_to_FS
  9. MWSS2013_Part2-Observations_and_Recommendations
  10. MWSS2013_Part3-Status_of_PY’s_Recommendations

(b)  Audited Financial Statements in the immediate past 3 years; MWSS_2014 and 2013_Financial Statement:

  1. FE – COM (Schedule of Financial Expenses)
  2. FE – CON
  3. PS – COM (Schedule of Personnel Expenses)
  4. PS – CON
  5. SCE – 2014 VS 2013 (Statement of Changes in Equity)
  6. SCE – CON
  7. SCF – 2014 VS 2013 (Statement of Cashflows)
  8. SCF – CON
  9. SFP – 2014 VS 2013 (Statement of Financial Position)
  10. SFP – CON

(c)  Quarterly, and Annual Reports and Trial Balance;

Statement of Financial Position:

  1. SFP FUND 63 – Manila Water Supply Project III (MWSP)
  2. SFP FUND 75 – Angat Water Supply Optimization Project (AWSOP)
  3. SFP FUND 77 – Angat Water Supply Optimization Project (AWSOP Bonds)
  4. SFP FUND 78 – Manila Water South Distribution Project (MWSDP)
  5. SFP FUND 82 – Umiray Angat Transbasin Project (UATP)
  6. SFP FUND 84 – Manila Second Sewerage Project (MSSP)
  7. SFP FUND 89 – Pasig River Environmental Management & Rehab Sector Dev.t Program (PREMRSDP)
  8. SFP FUND 90 – New Water Sources Development Project (NWSDP)
  9. SFP FUND 91 – Manila Third Sewerage Project (MTSP)
  10. P & L – COM;  P & L – CON  Consolidated Statement of Profit and Loss
  11. MOOE – COM;  MOOE – CON  Schedule of Maintenance & Other Operating Expenses

Trial Balances:


(d)  Current DBM Approved COB for CY 2016MWSS COB 2015 – BOARD RES; (e, g) Local and Foreign Borrowings, all borrowings guaranteed by the government; (f)  Government subsidies and net lending;     *Not Applicable (h)  Any Material risk factors and measures taken to manage such risks;

(k)  Performance Evaluation System (PES) Strategic Performance Management System (SPMS) Signed Performance Agreement (Renegotiated) (GCG and MWSS-CO):

43.4. On Governance Matters:

(a)  MWSS Charter/Mission Vision Statement (b)  2016 Performance ScoreCard & 2015 Renegotiated Performance ScoreCard and Strategy Map; (c)  Organizational Chart (d)  Manual Corp Gov – 3rd rev_GCG full compliance_submitted January 27, 2015 BOT Resolution No. 2014-035-CO (Corporate Governance) (e)  CSR Statement (f)  Balance Scorecard;     *Not Applicable (g)  No Gift Policy     (for GCG’s Approval) BOT Resolution No. 2014-034-CO (No Gift Policy)

43.5. Such other information or report that the GCG may require.

a.  MWSS Quality_Operations ManualTime bound action plan for, or Statement of Compliance to GCQMSS

b.  Ageing Cash Advance

c.  PhilGEPS Certificate – PhilGeps COC validated thru email

d.  SALN Certification

e.  full compliance to 2015 Performance Based Bonus (PBB) Requirements

f.  Citizen’s Charter / ARTA

g.  Agency Action Plan and Status of Implementation (AAPSI) for CY 2014,  Raw Water Accounts

h.  Concrete and time bound action plans in addressing NDs and AOM from the COA

i.  Annual Procurement Plan (APP)



j.  2015 Guidelines on Ranking and Distribution of the 2015 Performance-Based Bonus (PBB) k.  Statutory Liabilities

  1. Remittance of Dividends Due from FY 2015 Net Earnings;  Cash Dividends Paid to DOF
  2. GSIS Certification
  3. Pag-IBIG Certificate of membership Contribution
  4. Philhealth Certification

l.  Acquisition of Asset as of December 31, 2015 m.  Letter to BIR requesting for Certification of Taxes Certificate of Status of Tax Liability n.  2015 Agency Procurement Compliance and Performance Indicators (APCPI) Self-Assessment