Umiray Facilities_edited

Project Description:

Rehabilitation and strengthening of existing tunnel structures/facilities to withstand future typhoons in order to ensure the continuous flow of raw water from the Umiray River to the Angat Reservoir.

  • This Project is being implemented and funded by the Common Purpose Facility (CPF) Office of the two Concessionaires (Manila Water & Maynilad), including the procurement process.


Umiray, General Nakar, Quezon

Project Cost:

PhP 717.00 Million

Funding Source:

CPF Funding

Status:  (as of 31 December 2016)

  • The construction works was likewise temporarily suspended due to the incident that happened in the Sumag Project.
  • To date, the construction works is still suspended due to the incident that happened in Sumag Project.
  • Actual physical accomplishment to date is 37.87%.