1.  MWSS Image Rebuilding
  • MWSS Infrastructure Projects Announcements
  • MWSS Good Fiscal Management and Partnership
  • MWSS Organizational Transformation into a World class agency
  1.  Stakeholder Management Communications for Critical Activities and Projects
  • Rate Rebasing
  • Reorganization Plan
  • New Water Sources
  1.  Water and Water Resources Advocacy Plan for:
  • Water Appreciation
  • Watershed Management
  • Sewerage and Sanitation



  1. To develop a deep respect and appreciation for water and water resources and an acceptance of the need for sanitation in our public
  2. To elicit critical support or water infrastructure project and develop a more informed consumer on the issues that involve water
  3. To make MWSS and its partners trustworthy names in the delivery of a valuable utility and resource (2012-2013).